Follow this link to learn about Jeff Evenson. He is the holistic healer who owns and operates the practice. Jeff’s practice stems from the belief that many things in the body can be healed given the opportunity and the right guidance. Nutritional healing is founded on the belief our bodies can heal when given the right nutrients. Think about it. Healing with food, or nutrients, sounds so basic. That’s because it is. Food is what our bodies use to build and repair everything. No one has ever been healed with prescription medications. No one. Medications are chemicals and are not natural.

Evenson Holistic is your go to resource for working on those UNRESOLVING issues. With the help of Nutrition Response Testing, Jeff can help identify where the blockages to healing exist, what is causing the stress to those areas of your body, and ultimately what specific nutrients your body needs to affect healing. It’s that simple.

Now, many people have told Jeff that they just can’t follow a diet. That’s good, because Jeff doesn’t believe in diets either. They don’t work. Instead he will work with you on a weekly basis for about six weeks, then biweekly for about 12 weeks. During that time he will monitor your healing progress, your nutrient intake of whole food supplementations, and help you identify what foods are working for you and what foods might be hindering your progress. Jeff’s program is hugely successful for countless number of patients, of all ages, he has worked with over the years.

So when you are ready to make some changes, give Jeff a call. You’ll know when to call because you have reached that point of being tired of the way things are. You have had recurring or unresolving health challenges. And your usual medical solutions haven’t been working.

It’s time. Call Jeff at (507) 222-9437 or schedule your consult online.