Evenson Holistic, LLC specializes in holistic health, focusing on holistic or alternative nutritional healing solutions. I am a Clinical Master in Nutrition Response Testing, one of less than 20 in the state of Minnesota and less than 1000 in the US. I’m also a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach and certified Primal Health Coach. I can be a key support figure in your health journey, no matter what your goal is.

Most new patients, or clients, feel they have exhausted their search and do not know where to turn next. Evenson Holistic is armed with holistic knowledge of how nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle all influence well-being. I can offer critical knowledge and personal assistance as you make the changes needed to recover your health and get back to living life to its fullest.

Join me as we build a relationship, guided with the techniques and wisdom of Nutrition Response Testing, to unlock and discover the underlying challenges keeping you from feeling your best.


Jeff Evenson is and an Advanced Master Clinician in Nutrition Response Testing since 2009. Jeff runs his natural health improvement practice from his homestead in Finlayson, MN. He retired from the US Navy after 20 years as a Chief Cryptologist and worked 19 years of Information Security in mobile telecommunications and the financial sector. Jeff has a BS in Computer and Information Sciences and a MA in Health Arts and Sciences. 

Jeff’s interest in health and fitness took place during his navy years where he led his shipmates and divisions in group fitness. Jeff was also a navy certified instructor and Master Training Specialist; as well as a Command Alcohol and Drug Advisor and Command Financial Counselor. Jeff participated as a trained CREDO Retreat Facilitator. CREDO filled a need for personal and relational reflection, growth, and spiritual enrichment. 

“What got me into natural healing?” The grind of life caught up to me. I used to think my health was fine. When conventional medicine couldn’t solve some serious health challenges for my family, we sought out alternative solutions. I found results for my own health I had spent years ignoring. I had relied on multiple surgeries to fix my issues. Maybe they did short term, but they never addressed what the root cause was. After awhile my health issues returned. 

I encountered a wellness practitioner who focused on holistic nutrition and who practices Nutrition Response Testing. I raised my eyebrows as a skeptic, quickly realizing I didn’t have anything to lose. I gave her program a try and quickly found myself in a new world. My health returned; as well as the health of my family. I had no idea the shift could be so dramatic. It played such a huge impact on my thinking that I knew I had to learn how to do that. 

I went back to college to get my master’s degree and found the path for learning Nutrition Response Testing, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, and more recently, Primal Health Coaching. I created a Holistic Wellness Center in South Central Minnesota and operated that for about five years. It was a great concept but my execution was off. I closed it down and restarted in my home office in North Mankato. This was going well, but I couldn’t resist the call to move up north and return to the country life. 

I’m now practicing in Finlayson. It’s a new chapter in my life and I’m truly blessed to be where I’m at. I truly feel people will find me when they are ready to begin a new healing journey. I consider it a privilege to help those seeking a return to life filled with vitality. I use, practice and am informed by techniques from applied kinesiology, human energy, Reiki, and Nutrition Response Testing.

“I like to say I’m helping to heal the world one person at a time.” Just know, I do not have an overnight solution for you. What I do have is the knowledge, experience, and ability to help, guide, or coach you in a holistic healing journey that could change your world. Perhaps as much as it did mine. That part is up to you.

Jeff has two older sons, Garrett and Ethan. 


  • United States Navy 1983-2003
  • University of Maryland University Colleges
    • Bachelor of Sciences Computer and Information Security
  • Goddard College
    • Master of Arts in Health Arts and Sciences
  • Ulan Nutritional Systems
    • Advanced Master Clinician in Nutrition Response Testing (#352)
  • Chek Institute
    • Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2
  • Primal Health Coach Institute
    • Primal Health Coach

My LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffevenson/