Evenson Holistic, LLC specializes in holistic health, focusing on holistic or alternative nutritional healing solutions. As a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, I can be a key support figure in your health journey, no matter what your goal is.

Most new patients, or clients, feel they have exhausted their search and do not know where to turn next. Evenson Holistic is armed with holistic knowledge of how nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle all influence well-being. I can offer critical knowledge and personal assistance as you make the changes needed to recover your health and get back to living life to its fullest.

Join me as we build a relationship, guided with the techniques and wisdom of Nutrition Response Testing, to unlock and discover the underlying challenges keeping you from feeling your best.


Where do I begin my story? Let’s just say, I love what I do. Over the years I have helped countless people recover their health and, some would say, their lives. I love it.

A bit of background is in order. I was in the navy for 20 years as a naval cryptologist. I retired in 2003 as a Chief. During my entire career I have always had an interest in physical fitness and good health; even leading sailors in health and fitness. I strived to be an example myself for them. When I retired, I landed a job in Mankato as a continuation of my technology work in Cyber and Information Security.

In 2008, the health of my spouse declined greatly. We had gone through the conventional medical route and got no answers. After months and many dollars of medical testing, we took a break and headed up north to Ely. There we found a holistic practitioner who used Nutrition Response Testing to assess her health status. She was able to uncover the hidden challenges and barriers keeping her from healing.

While there, I also was tested and admittedly didn’t want to say there was anything wrong with my health. But, months earlier I had stomach surgery to fix a hernia and severe acid reflux. I was still having problems, even after the surgery. Why? I needed to make some lifestyle changes.

The corrections made to our health journeys were so significant in terms of impact we went back to school. I received my master’s degree in Health Arts and Sciences and continued on in my training to achieve certifications in the Chek Instistute’s Holistic Lifestyle Coach – Level 2. More recently I added the certification of Primal Health Coach.

More importantly, I went on and learned Nutrition Response Testing and became an Advanced Master Clinician in Nutrition Response Testing. I learned directly from Dr. Freddie Ulan, who created Nutrition Response Testing, which was an awesome experience.

I opened up a Holistic Wellness Center in North Mankato and ran that for many years. I closed it down in 2015 and have since moved up north to a small homestead property in Finlayson, MN. I’ve reopened my practice in my home office and have a classroom in the shop for nutrition classes.

Life is a journey and I’m writing a new story every day. Join me in your quest for better health.



  • United States Navy 1983-2003
  • University of Maryland University Colleges
    • Bachelor of Sciences Computer and Information Security
  • Goddard College
    • Master of Arts in Health Arts and Sciences
  • Ulan Nutritional Systems
    • Advanced Master Clinician in Nutrition Response Testing (#352)
  • Chek Institute
    • Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2
  • Primal Health Coach Institute
    • Primal Health Coach

My LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffevenson/