Jeff Evenson

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Skeptic to Holistic Practitioner. These words were in the title of my master’s thesis. I was a proud skeptic and would follow the rules as laid out by my doctor’s over the years. Years ago my wife at the time was really sick. I had my share of ailments as well, but being the typical man I would just admit I was always fine. We kept searching for solutions within the medical community to solve the health challenges my wife had. We couldn’t find any and in fact if she followed their directions with medications she would get worse. We found a Nutrition Response Testing practitioner when we took a break up north from it all. We both received health assessments from the holistic practitioner in Ely, MN and that began our journey into the alternative healthcare world. And yes, we found solutions for my wife that worked. And I found solutions for my own health I wasn’t willing to admin I had. I’m terribly grateful I did. We both went back to school to get our master’s degree’s in Health Arts and Sciences. I started my holistic healing practitioner journey and haven’t looked back since 2008.


My Relationship with Spirit. Some people believe in God, while others don’t. I happen to. I’ve come to learn that I must do what I can to keep an open mind because I have seen things since I opened my mind (being open to spirit, God, and enlightenment) and I have experienced things in my practice that could only come through God’s will and God’s hand. I also believe a person’s spiritual journey is intensely personal, as our relationship to Spirit. I believe any healing my patients experience is done by God, not me. I’ll do what I can to facilitate the process and I trust in God to provide the guidance.

Me Ulan and Lori 1
Dr. Lori Puskar, Jeff, Dr. Freddie Ulan

Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2Experience and Knowledge. I am a master at muscle testing and it’s use with Nutrition Response Testing. I went back to college in earned my Master’s degree in Health Arts and Sciences, with a focus on Human Energy, muscle testing, and nutrition. I am well accomplished and studied Nutrition Response Testing Advanced Clinical Training taught by Dr. Freddie Ulan himself. Dr. Ulan developed the NRT processes. I graduated his class as number 352 world wide. It was such a privilege to learn from the founder of this technique and not from some old college text book written about someone who died 50 years ago. I’ve also studied and certified as a Paul Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2. I began my holistic wellness studies in late 2008 and opened for practice in 2009. I also was co-founder to Natural Pathways, LLC and owned and operated that holistic wellness center from 2011 thru 2016. In the year 2016 we closed the center down for good. I’ve since reopened my practice on a much smaller scale and it is called Evenson Holistic.

My Beliefs. I have studied a great deal about Holistic Healing, natural healing, energy healing, and I have developed a strong belief in the body’s innate ability to heal itself. I believe food is our medicine and can often bring back the balance your body needs to heal. I believe the healing journey is spiritual and very personal. There are things we don’t know and can’t see that come into play during a healing journey. I have studied Reiki and energy healing and believe I use those skills with every patient I have worked with. I believe there is more to the wounds, injuries, illnesses and disease; in my opinion there is much to do with the Universe trying to tell you something is out of balance. I will work with you to bring balance to this. But, I believe people will heal these things with God, Spirit, and their own readiness. Without that, things will continue. In the end, I believe my job as a Healer is simply to facilitate your healing journey. And that is a mission I do not take lightly.