Feeling Sick?

It’s that time of year again where it seems people at the office are sick. The same goes for the kids at school. I’m already seeing an uptick in my patients who are reporting in with various immune challenges. I’ve always been encouraged my patients to come in as soon as they feel something coming on. It’s often easier to assist them if we can catch things early.

Every year there always seems to be a rush of articles published on what you can do to stay healthy. To me those are things we should always do all year long. Instead I’ll take a bit of a different approach and talk about the main source of food for various immune challenges like bacteria or virus activity. This may not be a real shocker for you. But here it is:

When you begin to feel sick, stop eating sugar and simple carbs right away.

This goes for all of us. But perhaps even more for the little kiddos. I constantly hear from parents their kids come home from daycare, school, or other care formats and they just can’t control what their kids eat when away from them. I say BS. Take the time to direct and educate your care providers. Especially when kids keep getting sick. Stop feeding them sugar. Sugar knocks down the immune system and feeds the bugs. Kids that are all full of snot and draining could be helped a lot by holding back the sugars, pop, and simple carbs like bread, pasta, cookies, and cake.

Instead load up on a diet that is higher in saturated fats, medium protein, and some complex carbs from veggies. Make some homemade beef or chicken stock. Don’t use the kind made from cubes. Homemade stock contains tons of nutrients your body will use to stay healthy.

I’m also not a supporter of getting the flu shot. I’ve done my research on it and you should too. In the end make up your own mind. But I will never get the flu shot for myself. I think and believe you can do a better job using good nutrition to keep the flu at bay.

As a reminder if you begin to feel sick you can call, email, or text me to get an appointment outside of normal hours.


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