Final Update – Purification Program

The Finish. I made it. It seems so anti-climactic. But yet here I am. Balloons didn’t come dropping from the sky. No fireworks. Just me and my renewed life; which is a pretty significant gain. In a snapshot, did I do the program absolutely perfect? Nope. I made a few slips here and there. Nothing huge. The areas I nailed it: No wheat, dairy, or sugar. Would I do it again? Yes. Absolutely.Supplements for Travel

This week was a little extra challenging because I had to go out of town on business travel. The easy part of that was preparing my supplements. I packed those up into my pill bins and put the shake powders into ziplocs. I took along one drink shaker so I could mix my shakes. I really wanted to stay the course. Overall, I didn’t do too bad. Mainly because I had already transitioned protein back into my food. So, when eating out, it was really an exercise in smart ordering of food.

After I got to the airport and thru security I had time for breakfast. Nothing on the menu fit my criteria so I had to ask the waitress if I could just order some eggs and bacon. No toast. No hash browns. Just plain ole eggs and bacon. It was good and got me going. I then went to the store and bought a bottle of Evian water. When I travel thru the airports the only water in my mind that is ok to drink is Evian or Fiji. I try to stay away from Dasani or Aquafina type waters. I don’t trust them. New this trip was the market at the airport that had fresh produce. I bought a banana and apple. They had much more of course which is refreshing to see. Finally, healthy choices are getting into mainstream there.

SaladWhen I arrived in Orlando I ended up with an invite to lunch at Fuddrucker’s. Sigh, I thought. Here it goes. But I was pleasantly surprised. I was able to order a Cobb salad with grilled chicken on it. It was loaded with things I like and need to eat. It hit the spot after the trip. That night I managed to find a Whole Foods. I seek them out in larger towns because I know they have a pretty large buffet style of food, hot and cold, and mostly organic. I found a nice quinoa salad, added some hot chicken thighs, some greens and brought that back to the hotel to eat. I also picked up a six pack of large Evian waters to drink throughout the week.

I was fortunate this time around at the conference I attended. They had awesome food selections for lunches on all days there. Very surprised. I was prepared to hop in the rental car and go fetch some good food. One night there was a large group of us that went out to a local steak house type of place. I had a nice ribeye with vegetables. Notice throughout this program I didn’t mention potatoes of any kind. The reason for no potatoes during a purification program is to stay away from the starch. That can wreak havoc on your blood sugar. No need for that.

Now the parts that I cheated. I went to Disney Springs (the old Disney Downtown). When we went there I was already hungry. That seems to be where it is a challenge for me. I always tried to graze on veggies, fruit or seeds. I didn’t do that. The atmosphere was so fun to see. People everywhere of course. Shops. And the food choices. I reached a point where I just needed to eat and the places I wanted to go were full with lines. I ended up eating at Earl of Sandwich. Yes, on day 17 I had a ham and swiss cheese sandwich. Day 18, I was driving myself and a bunch of folks to the airport. We had time to stop for lunch and ended up at TG Fridays. I had ribs and French fries. But, all through all of those social gatherings I didn’t give in to the alcohol. Though a nice beer would have been awesome on the patio at the hotel.

My sleep was off pretty much the whole week and still is a bit this weekend. Traveling usually upsets that and I need a couple days to get caught up. Same with my bowels. I was largely constipated the whole week even though I kept my water up. Every other day was a movement. Today that at least is feeling back to normal. I’ll take a final picture tomorrow and add it to this post. I feel like I need a good night of sleep.

So what next? Well, I went grocery shopping today. And to my surprise my selections stayed in the healthy range. I bought plenty of fresh produce; fruits and veggies. I added some tortilla wraps into the mix so I can make wraps for my lunches. I didn’t feel inclined to buy bread or milk. And I definitely didn’t buy any sugar loaded items. I don’t feel like adding that shit back in either. I’m looking forward to cooking my meals.

Regarding the cheating episodes. The important thing there is to let it go. I struggled with myself before giving in. Maybe I shouldn’t have fought so hard. I just let it go and for my next meal I was back on track. I realized I was so close to the end. I give myself credit too, because out of the week on travel I cheated two times. Not bad out of 21 days overall.

I am ready to face the onslaught of Christmas foods. I do plan to sample them. Now I feel like I can do it in small portions. No need to eat five cookies when 1 or 2 will suffice. I recall the wisdom from one of my patients a few years back. She was 90 and I was helping with a couple of symptoms she was having. After a couple of weeks of looking at her food journals I realized I was in no place to tell her to eat differently. Her attitude was spot on for that. She was 90! She told me her attitude about food was simple. Eat a variety—meats, veggies, fruits, etc. And then when that plate of cookies come around you eat one. Not the whole plate. Sage advice for the holiday season upon us.

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