Holistic and Cybersecurity Collide

I’ve decided to start posting cyber security articles I write about right here on this site. You may wonder why? Isn’t this site about holistic health? It is. But, I also have a vast level of experience in information security. This started during my 20 years as a naval cryptologist. I retired into a job as an Information Security Manager, which evolved to managing security professionals across the states. Then I switched careers and went into Nutritional Healing. I owned and practiced in my own Holistic Wellness Center in North Mankato, MN. Life challenges came along and I closed up the center, and went back into cybersecurity. I recognized I burned the candle at both ends and made mistakes in my business model with the center. I toasted myself out really. I went big instead of growing into it. Hindsight was pretty clear and I learned a bunch. I really miss the center, but I’m also appreciating the simplicity of my practice now.

My passion is in holistic wellness. I never got out of this practice and kept a small office in my home. A year ago, I moved my home up north in Minnesota to Finlayson. I bought a nice 10 acre homestead and reopened my practice here. I also have space for presenting classes. I love it.

I still work cybersecurity. I do both. I’ve always kept it separate. That’s going to change.

I think now I’m going to merge the two professions. I see a need to share information security with those in the alternative healing fields. And I know my nutrition patients would benefit as well. I’m not sure what kind of life this merging of fields will develop into. I’m willing to take a risk and open up my energy to permit it. I have a passion in nutrition and I also have a passion in being a Security Evangelist.

I can thank Dr. Ronda Nelson for the nudge. She planted the seed in me during an interview I did on her podcast. I recognized I loved talking about security with my like minded friends of the holistic healing world. What a great combination.

Stay tuned. I may intersperse the blog with some video blog as well. If there is a topic you’d like to hear about, post it in the comments. It can be something from either of my worlds. Nutrition Response Testing/Holistic Lifestyle Coaching or Cyber Security.

Jeff Evenson
Jeff Evenson

Jeff Evenson is and an Advanced Master Clinician in Nutrition Response Testing since 2009. Jeff runs his natural health practice from his homestead in Finlayson, MN. He retired from the US Navy after 20 years as a Cryptologist and worked Information Security in mobile telecommunications and currently in the financial sector. Jeff has a BS in Computer and Information Sciences and a MA in Health Arts and Sciences. Jeff takes special interest in natural healing, energy healing, whole food nutrition and speaking at workshops and seminars promoting holistic wellness. Jeff is also trained in Reiki and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching.

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