Food Journaling ToolsFood Journal Image

The most critical element of any health improvement program is keeping track of everything you eat or drink. Over the years I usually provide my patients with a worksheet to fill out by hand. Recently, I found a very worthy app for my phone and I wish I had found it years ago. It tracks all the info I usually like to see on the worksheet. Then each week you can email either format to me for review and feedback.

  1. Download the Food Journal v2 in PDF form.
  2. Go download the app for your phone here.

In the Random DepartmentMileIQ devices

Mileage Tracker. I don’t know about you, but it’s tax time and I know this year I am ready for the big mileage question on the cars. What is that question? How many miles did I drive for medical visits? There is an app that automatically keeps track of your mileage. It’s smart enough to know when you are driving somewhere and creates a trip. It’s called MileIQ.

Click this link to get to MileIQ and download to iPhone or Android.

Nutritional First Aid Supplement Guide

Supplement Guide. Here is a quick cheat sheet you can use if you are looking for supplements to support some common symptoms you might be having. Of course, it may be best to consult with Jeff on that.