There are a number of clients who are wondering how you can get supplements now that NP is closed. I have been able to connect you to the following sources for supplements. You can order directly from the supplier, at the same cost as I would sell to you, and they will ship directly to your door…wherever that door is.

Order-Button-PDMany of you are already used to ordering from Patient Direct at Standard Process. If you do not have an account with Standard Process, please email me for my practitioner code at this link. I will email you back within a day or less. I’m not allowed to publish my code on a website. When you are ready to create your online ordering account, click the PatientDirect image above or this link.


You can also have access to supplements from Nutri-Dyn. Here you can order up some great Metagenic Detoxification shakes, protein powders, meal replacements, and my favorite Dynamic Greens, among other Metagenic products. The directions are similar to Standard Process.

  1. Email me for my practitioner code.
  2. Follow this link to create the new patient account.
  3. Enter the code.
  4. Place your order.

And finally, another great source for awesome alternative products. Feel free to shop here. I enjoy the Garden of Eden Raw and Vitamin Code products. Click the image to begin shopping there.