Be in Charge – Make Your Own Story

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Getting old does not mean we have to believe all the aches and pains are a necessary part of the journey. They don’t have to be. In fact, I firmly believe we control how well we want to age. It is not in the hands of the doctors. Stop believing the programming they are putting on you. Medications and taking a pill is not going to get you feeling better. Take control back from them and get up on your own and do something about being in charge of your own health. Because you ARE IN CHARGE of your own health. No one else is. Take the time to read. Educate. Learn. Teach. You are in control of your own health. You are in control of how well you are going to age. You are in charge of what you want your oldster years to be like. Do you choose to be healthy, mobile, self-caring–or do you choose to have someone else take care of you? Come on man. It’s time to write a new story. One that says you are the healthy and strong and best version of yourself. It’s that simple. 


I can recall a time, when I was new in the navy and a very young man. I did not necessarily enjoy drinking water. I would drink Pepsi instead. When I was stationed on Diego Garcia out in the middle of the Indian Ocean the tap water in the barracks was horrid. So, I drank Pepsi. If I woke in the middle of the night because I was thirsty I did not go for water; I went for … well you get it. Not water.

Today I can’t imagine living without water. That’s pretty much my go to beverage. I do drink coffee and tea, but mostly water.

Now I tend to be a water snob and I’ve learned a great deal over the years about how essential and beneficial water is to the human body. I will always drink vapor distilled water. When I drink vapor distilled water I can actually feel the purity, the clean-ness, of the water. I don’t have that same feeling if I happen to drink other water.

I have a counter-top distiller and that is what I drink everyday. Even for my coffee; and it really brings out the flavor of the coffee too. It might surprise you my water comes from a well and it’s generally pretty clean. It’s hard, but clean. I still use the distiller.


Because with the distilled water I can be sure there is nothing in it. It is just H2O. Nothing is carried through the distillation process except those two water molecules. When I drink it the body does not have to filter anything out to use it properly.

I highly recommend drinking distilled water. Especially if you are trying to detoxify your body, heal your body, and maintain great health.

If you’re interested in getting a distiller click the picture below. This is from the company I bought mine from. They have countertop to whole house options. I am an affiliate with them as well.

Love Your Drinking Water

Getting the Body Moving – Squats

I put together a short video on doing squats. I pick squats as a first for getting back to exercising. It builds a foundation your body stands and rests on. We all need a strong foundation beneath ourselves. If you are getting back into exercise, this is one that works on strengthening a major muscle group.

I recall a client I was working with in the past. This person could barely do one squat because it had been so long since they exercised. We had to start slow, use supports, and work up to restoring strength. They can now do squats and feel a stronger foundation beneath them.

Enjoy the video and let me know your thoughts below.

The Working Out Push

Many of us work out alone. This is not meant to be a sad thing, it’s just the way things are. It can be a challenge to find someone to workout with who can do it on your schedule or for you to join theirs. I think working out alone has a lot going for it, but I also understand the value of working out with others or a group.

When doing a group exercise there are others there to encourage and push you when the going get tough.

That’s not so much the case when you are alone is it? This can be a slippery slope for some. What can happen, and I’m speaking from experience, is we have all the intentions in the world to hit it hard. We get out there, do the work out, and on days when we are feeling less than motivated we might tend to slack off a bit. Over time, this slack accumulates; until we’ve reached that point where we justify in our minds it’s ok to skip a day. Then it’s two and so on. Before you know it, we’re right back to where we started…staying in bed or on the

couch. Ouch.

I’ve come to appreciate the Working out Push, as I call it, lately. I can hear my former trainers words in my head. I used to tell him after a class a big thank you and I appreciate his efforts to help make me stronger. He replied back one day with words that stuck with me. He said, “You’re doing the work and you’re either doing it or you’re not.” He continued, “you’ll know if your efforts pay off. Why else do it?”

Why else do it?

Now when I’m working out I can rely on my “Working Out Push.” It’s what I’m visualizing in my mind as I can feel things getting hard to do. Sometimes it’s too hard and I don’t want to push. That’s when I hear the words…why else do it? That drives me to push hard during my work outs when I know no one is watching. No one is there to push me. It’s me. Pushing myself. I picture myself as an observer right there pushing me and encouraging me. I’ll hear “come on, you got this!” or “just a bit longer, push, push, push!” I can catch myself going at something half-assed and recognize when I have to call on my imaginary coach. I let that irritate me, the fact I’m slacking, so I dig down deep and give it that extra go needed to get through something.

This is a great thing.

After the workout I can feel like “I did it!” The extra hard work was worth every ounce. It carries me through the day when I have an awesome workout. I feel healthy. I feel strong. This is why I do it. Each day is a new chance to follow my internal coach to drive my “working out push”. It becomes a new challenge to see what I can do in the next work out. I don’t want to slack. If I’m out there I want to exercise. It makes me a better person physically and mentally.

Working Out Push

I invite you to describe your “Work Out Push” scenarios below. What do you do to stay motivated to push for that extra rep? How does that make you feel?

Updated Website

I’ve finally gotten around to getting my new website up and running. It’s a work in progress. My goal is to make it simple and easy to use. As you can imagine I have gone back and forth with my content to see if it actually meets my criteria. Stay tuned here as I write about things on my mind and comment on things I read that may be of value to you.

Thank you for your patience.

Once I’m done here I will resume my nutrition classes out here at the homestead. They’ll be held in my shop shown here in the picture.