I can recall a time, when I was new in the navy and a very young man. I did not necessarily enjoy drinking water. I would drink Pepsi instead. When I was stationed on Diego Garcia out in the middle of the Indian Ocean the tap water in the barracks was horrid. So, I drank Pepsi. If I woke in the middle of the night because I was thirsty I did not go for water; I went for … well you get it. Not water.

Today I can’t imagine living without water. That’s pretty much my go to beverage. I do drink coffee and tea, but mostly water.

Now I tend to be a water snob and I’ve learned a great deal over the years about how essential and beneficial water is to the human body. I will always drink vapor distilled water. When I drink vapor distilled water I can actually feel the purity, the clean-ness, of the water. I don’t have that same feeling if I happen to drink other water.

I have a counter-top distiller and that is what I drink everyday. Even for my coffee; and it really brings out the flavor of the coffee too. It might surprise you my water comes from a well and it’s generally pretty clean. It’s hard, but clean. I still use the distiller.


Because with the distilled water I can be sure there is nothing in it. It is just H2O. Nothing is carried through the distillation process except those two water molecules. When I drink it the body does not have to filter anything out to use it properly.

I highly recommend drinking distilled water. Especially if you are trying to detoxify your body, heal your body, and maintain great health.

If you’re interested in getting a distiller click the picture below. This is from the company I bought mine from. They have countertop to whole house options. I am an affiliate with them as well.

Love Your Drinking Water

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